Henk & Melle

Henk & Melle both have made separately a special contribution to Dutch pop music. Henk Koorn released some legendary rock albums with Hello Venray. With Smutfish's debut Lawnmower Mind, Melle de Boer has one of the best Dutch roots albums on his name.

Their debut 'Rednoot', which originated in an ice cold farm with the same name, dates back from 2012. The press agreed unanimously: this collaboration tastes like more. With the help of crowdfunding, the gentlemen managed to realize their new album and Henk & Melle wouldn’t be Henk & Melle if they hadn’t found a remarkable location for writing their songs: a road house, a place you don’t want to stop for long. So the songs were written without much thinking about it.

The result is a more pure CD with just a guitar, vocals and a harmonium.

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