Alison Moyet

Alison Moyet is known as a true pioneer of the British dance scene. Of course that's an understatement with top hits such as 'Alf ', 'Is This Love?’ and ranking in the top 5 best selling British female singers ever. 

Alison Moyet started playing in punk bands and scored the hit 'Only You' with Vince Clarke, as the duo Yazoo.  Alison Moyet proved to be a great solo artist as well with three UK Top 10 hits and a Grammy nomination for her album ‘Hoodoo': a collection of rock with a touch of soul.

Alison Moyet also had her acting debut in one of the most famous musicals called 'Chicago'.  This multitalented singer then decided to bring out music, which is more subdued with a touch of soul. However, she definitely isn’t afraid to experiment with up tempo rock songs and electro music.

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