NEW! Jason Donovon and more


This week more new artists are announced for the Saturday which includes: Jason Donovan, The Boss UK and 90's NOW! For tickets click here.


Jason Donovan

In the 80’s Jason Donovan made many girls heart beat faster. He started to get known when he played a part in the Australian soap series ‘’The Neighbours’’. But his major breakthrough was with his duet featuring Kylie Minogue called ‘’Especially for you’’.  Shortly after he had his solo number 1-hit called ‘’Too many broken hearts’’ and his debut album ‘’Ten Good Reasons’’ sold quickly. Soon he became one of the best-selling artist ever.


The Boss UK

Parkpop Saturday Night brings a tribute to the living legend Bruce Springsteen! It is no surprise with hits as ‘’Born To Run’’, ‘’I’m On Fire’’, ‘’The River’’, ‘’Born In The USA’’ and globally more than 120 million sold records, that Springsteen is known as ‘’The Boss’’.


This energy from ‘’The Boss’’ comes during Parkpop Saturday Night alive with the spectacular show from The Boss UK. This band is seen as the most sensational Bruce Springsteen tribute-band in the world. Where in the world they visit, the show of The Boss UK is hailed with loving reviews. Doug Freeman has the amazing ability to deliver the emotion, the passion and the joy of Burce Springsteen, in an evening-filling, energetic and swirling show that equals the intensity of the real Boss. In short: an obscure tribute to Springsteen!


90's NOW!

Besides performances from national and international artists on the main stage, will the festivaltent become an epicenter of the nineties on Saturday in the Zuiderpark. With the hit show 90’s NOW! The DJ Gary Global and his famous 90’s NOW! crew mix and mash all the different style of the nineties through each other. Dance, rock, pop, hiphop, R&B, happy hardcore and a lot more. Add some crappy comercials, corny clips, bad tv-series and a lot of Nintendo-games and I feels like you went back in time.

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