Kim Wilde en Clouseau


The first names of Parkpop Saturday Night have been announced by the organisation: Kim Wilde and Clouseau. 


Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde, also known as the Princess of Pop from the 80’s, is coming to Parkpop Saturday Night! In the 80’s the British singer was known with her hits: ‘’Another Step (Closer To You)’’, ‘’You Came’’, ‘’Never Trust A Stranger’’, ‘’Four Letter Word’’, ‘’Kids In America’’ and ‘’If I Can’t Have You’’. She took a break in the 90’s, but she was back at it again in 2003 because of her big (bilingual) hit ‘’Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime’’ with German singer Nena. Wilde is back in business because of her new album ‘’Here Come The Aliens’’.



Clouseau exists for at least 30 years. This sympathetic band from Belgium with the brothers Koen and Kris Wouters is still immense popular. Invariably they play for sold out venues. In particular, the songs ‘’Daar Gaat Ze’’, ‘’Domino’’ and ‘’Passie’’ are regularly played on the radio stations and for ages they stand in the Radio 2 Top 2000. In total they scored at least eight top 15-singles in The Netherlands and they have sold more than 3,1 million singles and albums globally.


The big breakthrough of the band was in 1989 because of their singles such as ‘’Anne’’ and ‘’Daar Gaat Ze’’. Debut record ‘’Hoezo’’ appears and The Netherlands are very delighted. After that the band takes part in the Eurovision song contest in Rome, ‘’Clouseaumania’’ makes it first appearance. Ever since Clouseau is working very hard to get to where they are today. Which leads to more than 120 performances at Antwerpe Sportpaleis, twelve Dutch bestsellers and an infinity flow of hits.

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