Travel information

How to get there?

Due to very limited parking around the Zuiderpark it's recommended that you travel to Parkpop by public transport.

By train

Parkpop is easy to reach by public transport. There will be extra long trains to The Hague Central Station and The Hague Holland Spoor during Parkpop. From these stations you can travel to the Zuiderpark by HTM tram 9. 


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The best way to travel to Parkpop is by public transport. Are you traveling by car, please use one of the many P + R locations in The Hague and then travel to the Zuiderpark by public transport. Click here for an overview of P+R locations in The Hague

By bus

From the back of The Hague Holland Spoor train station, the Lage Waldorpstraat, Bus 26 leaves for the Zuiderpark.

By tram

From The Hague Central Station and The Hague Holland Spoor Tram 9 (Vrederust) and Tram 16 (Wateringen) departs towards the Zuiderpark.

By bicycle

In the Zuiderpark it's very easy to store your bike, motorcycle or scooter. During Parkpop there are three bicycle parking available. 1. Vreeswijkstraat 2. Loevenstein Lane 3. Veluweplein (motor garage). Rates are € 1.50 per bike € 2,50 per scooter and € 5,00 per motor. The bicycle parking is open from 10:30 to 23:00