Green Parkpop

Large scale events play an important social and cultural role that contributes to our overall social cohesion. At the same time large-scale events have an huge impact on the environment. Below an overview of some of the measures undertaken by Parkpop to burden the environment to a minimum. Further development is an ongoing process which will lead to new approaches in the future. Behind the scenes this subject has continuous attention.


Both in the public catering as well as in the kitchen backstage the cooks are exclusively working with renewable and biodegradable materials.

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Waste disposal

Waste is collected separately as much as possible. To the extent that is not possible, the waste is transported to a processing plant where the combustion of the waste is converted into energy.


By absence of a sewer in the Zuiderpark, Parkpop uses chemical toilets. Such provisions are mostly seen as environmentally unfriendly, but nothing is less true. Both the cubicles and the fluids are completely biodegradable.

Backstage transportation

Invisible to the public, but bicycles and electric vehicles are being used as much as possible in the backstage area. In this way, unnecessary emissions is prevented.


The banners, decorations and signage are manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner. There are no harmful techniques, materials and chemicals used.


Survey has showed that the construction of fixed power in the the Zuiderpark will never be profitable. Aggregates with a hydrogen engine are insufficiently available and inadequate in power. The use of diesel generators is therefore still necessary. However, Parkpop is using aggregates which are provided with filters.

Public Transportation

The biggest pollution (CO2 emissions) at large-scale events is the massive movement of the public to and from the event. Especially transport by private car is environmentally unfriendly. For this reason Parkpop discourages transportation by means of private motorized transport. Through close cooperation with the NS and HTM, there is an optimal direct connection of the stations to the event site. Through actions with prices to be linked to this mode of transport.